I decided to look for birds at the Korle Lagoon some time back because I was surprised from time to time to see nice birds flying about the place. I have read reports on that coastal lagoon that paint bleak pictures. More than that, I live in teh Korle Bu area, where the lagoon is located.

When it rain, you don’t wan’t to be in the neighbourhood. The lagoon is fed its filth by a nearby slum: Sodom and Gomorrah, an area that governments have continually sworn and failed to evacuate. Until that happens, the stench goes on, and the beach line is covered with regurgitated plastic, glass and condos from the blackened sea.

I did not expect to find much, in truth, and really, I did not, but I certainly found more than I expected.

Among the great surprises: the common moorhen, spur-winged lapwings and a pied kingfisher. There were about thirty of the lapwings on the side of a stretch of land projecting into the lagoon like a bay, and while I went over to get better focus, I stepped in human…

Yeah, that’s what I went through to bring you this, so enjoy. Photo credits below.

Common Moorhen

Cattle Egret: a flock, numbering about a hundred, doing their thing

African Pied Wagtail: At least four of them, playing and wagging on the banks, and sitting on drifting plastic bottles in the water.

Ringed plovers: Twenty. Also taking jolly rides and

Laughing doves: of course

Pied Crow: double of course

Pied Kingfisher: I was shocked! Are there fish in that viscous, faeces filled water?

Spur-winged Plovers: Like I said, like forty. Was surprised to spot three at first, standing as majestically as they do, looking out into the great beyond…

Swallows: working on it.

Common Kestrel: A pair. Flew across quickly out of sight, so well, I could be wrong.

Pictures soon.