An app that will listen to a sermon at church and pull up the Scripture texts on the fly. Can be used by congregation to follow sermon without flipping through Bible pages and getting distracted. Can also be used for quick reference purposes in different scenarios.

App can also read out the texts.

Will use: keywords: names of books, “chapter”, “verse”, “verses”, keyphrases: “verses x to y”, etc

App to ping traders in Makola (or any other market, for that matter) with shopping requests, receive best price offers, and allow user to place order with best offer and get delivery within arranged period.

This app will allow users to send instant reports to a database encountering adverse road situations (bad driving, obstruction, etc), or commendable drivinig Reports can be used for investigation, prosecution, rewards”

App will use SMS (free) or other messaging protocol.

Before sending report, a user can broadcast a request (bluetooth, wireless network, eitc) to other users around (free app, so hopefully ubiquitous) to sign the report, increasing its credibility.